Sunday, January 16, 2011

Its January!!!!!

I cannot believe it is January!!! I looked up at my desk calender and realized that it has been over 2 weeks since my last post. I will confess, I came down with a terrible cold the first 2 weeks of January. Without medicine to shake it, I drank enough hot decaf tea to change my nationality to British and I have eaten enough oranges to save the Florida Citrus industry. Finally, this week I started to feel better. The downside is that it really affected my food intake. I have only gained 4 lbs and I need to eat more and eat healthier. This is my new task for January 2011. As promised after 12 weeks I definitely have my food cravings come back and i am able to eat more food. Amazing how a body works.

I did have the NTS scan done on January 3rd but my doctor has also done the blood screening so I will not get the official results until February. At my 14 week check up, Dr. T said all the measurements of the ultra sound were normal and the NTS scan looked good but the blood work would be the final answer. For the first time, Dr. T heard the heartbeat of our little firecracker. He used a fetal monitor and for a few LONG second which felt like hours he could not find the sound I enjoy hearing. Then I said a silent prayer closed my eyes and within a few seconds Dr. T found baby firecracker and the heartbeat sounded heavenly.

I still do not enjoy dr visits. I do not go back until 16 weeks for a genetic abnormality 3d ultrasound. Just a super ultrasound to check all 4 chambers of heart developed and limbs are developing. Then back to Dr. T at 18 weeks for another scan and final results of NTS. I hope this will be the end of testing and I will finally breathe freely.

It is nice to be able to eat again, it is nice to have told our co workers and our friends. I even bought my first set of maternity pants as having a waistband and buttons at my waist are not the most comfortable for work. I liked them but they are a bit large...I guess I have room to grow.

When we told our friends, everyone said they had no idea the process we had been going through. Although it was hard, we shared our stories, our tears, our surgeries, and our hopes. I can only hope that by talking about the struggle we have been through we will have some to help others. I always enjoyed speakers who had been through the struggles they were speaking about. It was almost as if I could say there words. I feel that way now about infertility. We are by no means through our journey and we continue each day to hold on to our faith and to believe our little firecracker will be here safely before we know it. At the same time, we embrace our past struggles and we continue to pray for all of us. My fortune cookie the other day said "You are only a quitter when you stop trying" I could totally identify with those words. Here's to all of us on this journey and a promise we will all have a successful end. We never give up even when the pathis closed and difficult, we believe there must be a way!!!!