Saturday, April 16, 2011

Easter on the way!!!!

Yes it has been one more month since my last post. Work and family visits have been the culprit. I need to get work under control. I have no idea as to how much time I will take off and or who will cover my cases while I am gone and it serves to be a source of panic. I know I still have time but not much. I am going to consult my other friends and see what they did when the babies were born and when they returned to work for ideas but I need to plan...since I am such a planner.

Baby girl is doing well. She is kicking like crazy and especially at night when I want to sleep. Last doctor appointment we were right on track for 26 weeks and I have gained 18lbs. I don't eat so much at meal times but I need to eat to keep my energy up. I also have low iron (common) so I am on supplements now. Trying to fight the dreaded constipation. Then I had a semi high sugar test so I had to have the 4 hour glucose fast test. If you have ever had it done it is just sugar and no food...I think that baby girl did sugar cartwheels for the rest of the day after the test. We get the results next week and I really hope we do not have gestational diabetes. We have no family history but I am over 35 and Dr. T said we will cross that bridge when we get the test results back. I love him that he keeps me calm when I think I am going to go crazy.

Hubby and I have finished the babies room ( painting) but we have no furniture and I am completely overwhelmed about what to buy,what to register, how much do I need? I think the office and our friends are planning a shower which seems fine considering we have nothing for baby girl but a nice clean room....and we did pick her name which shall be revealed on her birthday. I guess we are ready?

I think I am overwhelemed with what to buy, how to feed the baby, all the family that will be here when she is born, the fear of failure, what to do at work that I just avoid starting the list of things to buy or do. Today I will try and sign us up for our birthing classes which is another step in the right direction but I am afraid I am procrastinating. I need to just trudge wish me luck.

My parents had so much fun when they were here last month that they are returning this week to spend Easter with us. Tomorrow is Palm sunday and let's go church and hope we can cherish the holiday with family and friends. Let's hope I too can find some answers of what needs to be done and get ready for our baby girl's arrival.

You are all in my thoughts and prayers always. I am grateful for this page and for the few who read it and send comments. It has been a support and I have met some wonderful brave and strong women who I am continually amazed by each day.