Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Happy Graduation!!!

Last night , my husband and I graduated. Not from college, but from our Lamaze course. For the last 4 weeks for 3 hrs a night, we spent time with 6 other couples and our instructor to learn all about breathing, relaxation, and labor. I really think my husband enjoyed being part of it. It is hard I think for him to feel as connected as I am since I am the one with all the physical symptoms. He is ready to go on breathing and is already excited about packing the hospital bag.

I did do one thing that I am proud of in that class. On the first night, everyone went around the room and the teacher asked some icebreaker questions and one was "what is the worst part of pregnancy?" When it came to me I said "nothing" and with tears in my eyes I explained briefly how much we went through to get here and our two losses and how every day is wonderful. One of the girls in the room caught her breath when I said 2 I heard her gasp. I am proud I said it. I am not boasting but I wanted to remember the past, remember the struggle and remind others that this is not always an easy road as it seems in movies and books. Everyday I cherish this point in the journey, I thank God for getting me through to this point and I continue to ask him to stay with us on this journey to the end of the rainbow.

We have our 32nd week appointment tomorrow. We ordered a crib but otherwise still working on get settled for our little July firecracker to arrive. I have been talking to her for a while and I want her to come end of June so we are in negotiations. If she is anything like me, she has a mind of her own and will come when she is ready and not a minute before. I feel very good...I have gained weight. I sleep hard and still have to remind myself to eat on busy days but this is a good month of together time just me and my husband.

Our dogs know something is coming, they do not know what but they are ready to enlarge "our pack" and for the first time so am I.

Love and support always to everyone and thanks for holding my hand (through a computer) on my journey. I never would be here without you strong, brave women who have shared, supported and cared for me...a woman you have never seen, do not really know, but embraced my dreams and fears just the same.