Friday, December 10, 2010

9 weeks and waiting

Since my last post it has been a crazy week. We are planning on leaving next Saturday for my parents house for Christmas so I have 2 weeks at work to get 4 weeks worth of things done. I have been so tired after the day I cannot even think about reading any of my library books, my blogs, or newspapers I go right to bed.

I am still having a tough time with my stomach not throwing up, but just sour. No food is appealing and I eat like a 2 yr old of cereal, applesauce, toast and some fruit when I can. It has gotten better but it is still present. I also have trouble sleeping through night. I wake up each night and for 1-2 hours I watch tv to try and get sleepy to go back to bed. Lucky that husband and dogs are heavy sleepers.

My next appointment is on the 16th and we will have another ultrasound. I am hoping to be a great visit as we are leaving two days later and we plan to tell our families on Christmas about the pregnancy. I hope we get a good photo so we can use it in the unveiling of everyone's first grandchild. I am scared to death to tell anyone. It has been 9 weeks and only hubby and I and the doctors know about our little firecracker. I am hoping after this visit I can breath and tell our families. I will need them to finish this pregnancy and more prayers are always welcome.

I still have anxiety, I still feel like I am waiting for the other show to drop but I tell the devil to leave me and I focus on the power of god. He has gotten me safe this far and I know he will be with me through it all to the end. This is his season and I feel strong when I think of his power and glory to create a son to a woman who had been born without sin and did not know man. I know he can be with us as we bring this child to our families this season.

I hope next week goes by quickly and I am hoping and praying for good dr appointments (something will never change). I am keeping all of you in my prayers for this holiday season. Good things for us all.


  1. Hugs and much love as you journey on. I know the anxiety those early weeks bring, as well as the non-desire for food and inability to sleep. BUT, trust me, IT GETS BETTER ;) Once you get pas the first trimester those hormones settle and you regain your momentum.

    Take care of yourself and I'm so happy you all are going to share the news very soon.


  2. Oh this post makes me happy! I feel the same way and I'm hoping our next check is a good one too with good pictures! We go Monday, and I've never made it that far, so I've been a little anxious this week, though I feel I shouldn't be with how I feel! I'm with you on the nothing sounds good! Continuing to pray for you, believe with you, and one day have babies close together!!!

  3. Well you can let out that breath b/c no shoe is going to drop. I'm hoping and praying for you that everything will be alright. I hope you get great pics thursday and that telling you family will be one of the highlights of this journey. Sending you hugs and lots and lots of love.