Thursday, June 30, 2011

Last Weekend Alone.

This is hubby and I's last weekend alone of just us and the dogs. I am going to cherish it. 4th of July has always been my favorite holiday and I love being home for it. Normally we go to Pennsylvania to visit my parents which is also nice since it is so much cooler there than here and I can really say I will miss it this year.

Instead it will be just us for the long weekend waiting for our little firecracker's arrival. I went to the dr today and he said strong heartbeat, baby in right position but not dropped or engaged and we have a big zero on cervix. So we wait as it is in God's hands. We have ultrasound on Tuesday and then Dr appointment on Wednesday so by then we will have more answers. If baby girl is smaller, plan is to wait for her arrival. If baby girl is big we can talk inducement, and if she is really big we are talking c-section. None of this can we control and we will just wait until next week to see what God has in store for us. I am big bumped at 37 lbs but I feel great just really round right now...which is good.

Why is this our last weekend alone? Because on Tuesday my inlaws come for 3 weeks and then on Thursday my parents come for the month. Everyone wants to be here for the arrival of their first grandchild. I have always said I want her to come in June but I think this child knows I am still working (mom has a few more things to do) and how much she means to everyone that she is waiting for their arrival before she makes her debut. It is just very stressful with both our families staying under our roof together. We have to worry about their rooms, towels, food and meals. We have had to make a list of instructions of how to turn on tv, how to use stove, how to lock up house, how to feed the dogs. It has been a crazy last two weeks but I think by July 5 we will be ready.

So here is to our last long weekend of just us...just love, just time, no schedules, no deadlines...

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  1. I'm so excited for you and so glad you get a good relaxing weekend!!! Can't wait for your little fire cracker to arrive! I'm trying to wait it out on this little princess!!!!