Saturday, September 11, 2010

A new 1 week wait!

Something happened on Friday that had never happened before. A positive ultrasound. After over a year filled with a series of negative transvaginal ultrasounds: no fetal development, no heartbeat, presence of fibroids, presence of cysts, it finally happened on Friday. The nurse said "everything looks good you're ready to begin treatment." I was floored and answered "hurry up and end the scan before you find something and you change your mind." We both laughed. Laughter at my RE office - a second first time occurrence. There is more to the dr visit to include the bad nurse messing up the drug order and the good nurse once again coming to my rescue late Friday but it all ended well.

So begins our next phase. It is a complex regimen of pills(Letrozode) for 5 days then shots (Follitism) Mon, Wed and Friday next week.Then, another dreaded Saturday ultrasound to see if my body is reacting well to the medicines and if we get a second greed light to try in September. So its a new 1 week wait but it is a positive one. As I am a Type A personality, it feels good to be "doing" something in this process where so much is out of my control. I have no answers as to why we lost 2 children, why I cannot carry babies past first trimester,but for the first time in this process I am hopeful. I know all the negatives that can happen, I know I may not make it this month to try but I am trying and I am looking forward to the best but expecting the worst( with my track record that may never go away).

Thank you to all of the prayers and sweet thoughts sent. They really meant a lot to me and I keep you all in my prayers daily. I could not have made it through yesterday without you and I hope your weekend is better than expected.

Slow me down Lord to remember that nothing is going to happen today that you and I cannot handle!


  1. sending love and prayers for more green lights

  2. I am glad things went well for you. Good News! YaY! You are still in my prayers and thoughts. Sending you Love and prayers. ((HUGS))