Thursday, September 23, 2010

Waiting and more waiting.....

I think it is helpful to me to write down what has happened the last 4 days so I can remember it all. On Monday my husband gave the double Ovidrel injection which would trigger ovulation. I had done a ovulation kit on Monday and it was negative. I followed up on Tuesday and I had a positive ovulation test. On Wednesday morning, my husband gave his sperm sample for the IUI. I love this man and I believe the new standard for any single woman who is deciding if the man she is dating is"the one" is if when asked he will give a sperm sample not once but twice without any fuss. He truly is a keeper and as you will see below the doctor's office agreed.

When I arrived at the doctor's office for the IUI, the receptionist said my husband should have received a gold star because he had all his paperwork filled out and proudly turned in his sample on time. I was so proud of him. Then we met the Dr and did the IUI procedure which was so easy compared to all the poking and prodding I have been through in the last year. The RE gave us the results of the sperm specimen and said his sample was a A+ and had plenty of sperm with good mobility. My husband was so proud. The nurse gave us a copy of the print out to keep in our "baby book". Her words exactly which I believe might be a little bit too optimistic for me at this point but I liked her enthusiasm.

After the procedure we rested for 30 minutes and then it was back to normal activities. I know I ovulated yesterday because as all women who are in this process knows their body cm dried up and my cervix was closed. I did not temp this month as I was way too busy and I thought it would only drive me crazy so I cannot tell you if there was a temperature shift.

Now we wait until September 22 for a progesterone blood test and if it is low we take supplements. We were also told to take a home pregnancy test on October 2, 2010. I will not do it then though, as it will be 10 days past IUI but almost 7 days before my period is due. Nothing is worse than taking it and getting a a negative result and or positive result that then turns in to a negative result. I will pick option b which is to wait and wait until period due on October 9, 2010. I am trying not to analyze every little symptom as the day goes on I am thankful that work is so busy that I do not have any time to search the internet. Sometimes I am so thankful for work that I can focus on something other than the slow moving time. I am really tired this morning probably because I was so excited about the IUI yesterday and I am ready for the weekend.

I am praying, I am remembering that: " The happiest people do not necessarily have the best of everything, they just make the best of everything they have." Therefore I am happy to be in the moment. To be waiting for the first time in 8 months for a positive PG test. I am happy to have a job, a loving husband, 2 wonderful dogs and that my alma mater is playing college football tonight ( a great way to pass time.."It's all about the "U"), good friends who support me, and a loving God with whom all things are possible. Am I scared..of course but I am living in the moment and reminding myself this whole experience has been for a reason and even if I don't know what it was now, God knows and it was and always will be his plan for us. I trust. I believe. I am in the moment and for now it feels good, nothing more or less to be right where I am.


  1. Sending up prayers for a BFP on Oct 9th, or earlier if you can't stand it!! A cooperative hubby is the best!!

  2. Hello! I'm Andrea from Persuit of Our Fairytale and wanted to stop by and offer some encouragement. Like you, I had an IUI in August and was cautiously optimistic. I also refused to test, but did so at 16 days past ovulation and the result was positive. Try to hold on to your FAITH and grip HOPE with all your might, as your chances are very good :) And, as for symptoms, I had NONE.

    Wishing you the absolute best and i am cheering you on to success!

    On another note, we share the same magical age. Here's to being great at 38!

  3. Just want to stop and send you some love and let you know that i'm waiting and praying with you. ((HUGS))