Sunday, October 3, 2010

TTC#1 over this week!!!

From my last post, I will say I had a better week (thanks to encouragement from all). I made my peace with this month's TTC. It was so new with the RE and dr appts and medications, that whatever this cycle brings I am content. I will be sad with a negative result and I would be happy with a positive result but I think this whole cycle was a good learning step for both of us. It was our first trying cycle since February 2010 and it was scary,happy,fearful, and stressful all rolled into one..if that makes sense? Who knew a pocket calender would become my most used item in my purse between RE visits, shots, and pill appointments?

I did have a good follow up with RE, the blood test confirmed that the medications did produce ovulation so the rest is not up to me but up to God(smile). Work and a visit from family this month is going to make TTC cycle #2 if necessary a little bit tricky but my husband and I have talked about it and we will make it work. He is my rock.

So I am 11 DPO today and still not testing. I am gonna wait and let nature take its course which is anytime from Wednesday to Saturday this week. I have to travel for work this month and I have a very big week of out of office assignments Ocotber 11 so whatever happens good or bad work will be a welcome distraction. Until then, off to give my dogs their dinner, my husband a peck on the cheek and maybe we can have dinner out tonight..treat ourselves for a wonderful fall day has come to an end here in Florida. Not too bad a way to start this new week and conclude this first month of TTC. For now that is all I need and as always I am just living in the moment.


  1. I was the same, refused to test and just allow nature to reveal itself. Honestly, I just could not bring myself to pee on another inclination was that a negative was on the horizon and I didn't want to rush it.


    Things turned out much differently. So, continue to live in this moment and try to find a message in each day. It's very hard, but I know you can do it :) Just hold on to FAITH with both hands and cling to HOPE.

    As you know, we're kindred spirits in age and I hope to be a source of strength for you and encourage you on. Nothing about this journey is easy, but we take it one day at a time and keep moving forward...and we celebrate our options.

    Tagging you with baby dust and lots of it!

    Much love and prayers always

  2. Just sending you some positive thoughts and prayers!!

  3. Just want to send you some HUGS and Love! praying for you;O)