Thursday, August 19, 2010

Twas the night before surgery

Ok I am supposed to be getting good at surgery prep so the night before my surgery I am eating as much food as I can before my midnight fast begins. I met the doctor and he said time to take this persistent cyst out. It actually is larger than last month. He said it will be an easy surgery but as you know doctors they have to tell you the informed consent: well there is a 1% chance it is ovarian cancer. I know those are good odds it is not...but I was freaked out. On the positive side, he said this should be a quick recovery and we can get on track to trying to conceive in about 30 days.
Just in case, I said some extra prayers the last two nights. Luckily work was CRAZY and I went in at 7:30 am and left at 9:00pm. I got everything cleaned up so I can go to surgery and recovery this weekend with a peace of mind. It was a long day but it was worth it.
So I am off to give my husband a hug, and pet my dogs. Time To get some rest. I pray that god will see me through tomorrow. I was listening to my favorite gospel station today and I heard the verse: "God always lifts me high above, all the things that try to tear me down." He certainly did for my day at work. Therefore I put my heart, my soul and my body in his hands and I have faith tomorrow will be a good day for surgery. I pray it will be a successful surgery and I am one step closer to conceiving/carrying our child. Lift me up Lord over all the doubts and fears I have about tomorrow's surgery.


  1. Sending you prayers. Will be thinking of you tomorrow. Hugs and Love to you;o)

  2. Just want you to know i am thinking of you today;o) Hugs and Love to you;o)