Monday, August 9, 2010

Surgery for me and the dog!

Today I found out my older dog, Captain will have surgery on Thursday August 12, 2010 to remove a fatty solid from his shoulder( what the vet said). I am praying for his quick return home. I spoil my dogs as they give us the unconditional love we look for. They never care if I am home late, my hair is messy, my clothes are not designer. They love me for being their owner who rubs their belly, fills their bowls and throws the frisbee. My husband said Captain and I will recover from our surgeries together. I hope he is right. I pray to God Captain will be just fine.

My surgery was successfully moved up 10 days to August 20th. I can honestly say I am excited to be moving on this plan. I checked myself in the mirror today and I realized I smiled, I did not immediately see the failings. I felt good today and I think it is hope inside me. I am always amazed by the power of faith. I believe:

Although each day brings challenges and things that are unknown.
You needn't face them by yourself or deal with them alone.
For others care about you and will keep you close in prayer.
And above all, God will guide you- for his love is always there.

Guide me. I am ready. Keep me strong to make it through Captain and my surgeries. Keep me full of love for my husband and my family. Love me, lead me to our child. Keeping all in my thoughts and prayers.


  1. Welcome to the blogsphere fellow Floridian! Keeping you and hubby in prayer on this journey.

  2. Just checking in on you. How is your dog? Did his surgery go over well. I am glad you smiled and i hope you even had some laughs this week. Sending you hugs and praying for you;o)